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We create products and tools that can be used to drastically improve the quantifiable efficiency of interdisciplinary operations


We build secure, scalable multi-platform enterprise systems that result in an objective reduction in cost, time and manpower of operations while gaining accuracy


Enterprise Software Development

Digital Transformation

Microservices Architecture

Decentralized Applications & Blockchain

E-Commerce Platform Management

SaaS product development

Modernize Legacy Applications

BI & Analytics

Prescriptive Analysis

Data Engineering

Data Architecture

Cluster Analysis

Closest Point Approximation

Data Visualisation

Business Process Automation

Supply-Chain streamlining & management

Continuously monitored Data pipes

ERP & CRM integration

Cascading Operational Event Triggers

Automated Task management

Consumer Product Development

Market Research & Validation

Product Roadmap

Multi-Platform Architecture

Prototyping & Pilot Testing

User Engagement Evaluation

Machine Learning & AI

Unsupervised & Reinforcement Learning

Computer Vision & OCR

Natural language Processing

Generative adversarial networks

Convolutional neural networks

Markov chain Monte Carlo

Big Data & Cloud

Data Warehousing

Hyper Scalable Serverless Environments


Distributed Computing & Storage

CI/CD Pipelines

IoT streaming & storage

Our Work Flow


Preliminary Evaluation

We start by defining and understanding the pain points and issues that are identifiable from the perspective of every stakeholder involved which in turn enables us to have aligned objectives


Process / Systems Audit

We conduct extensive parametric documentation of existing processes and technical systems involved to identify the causality of the issues and find areas that are the most problematic


Re-Engineering Operations

We parallelly work with each stakeholder and redesign the existing systems to become automated resulting in increased efficiency and accuracy in every objective metric using an array of digital tools


Continuous Monitoring

Once the system is deployed and integrated into operations, we set up multiple data pipes that constantly capture essential data-points which enable the early identification of anomalies using data science and also fosters data-driven decision making


Outcome Analysis

We objectively re-evaluate the new systems that have been integrated and compare them with equivalent metrics of the older systems to confirm that the outcomes are satisfactory and beneficial to all the stakeholders and identify any new space for improvement

We Work With


Madebeauty is a technology startup that creates a platform for small businesses to manage revenue and improve utilization using dynamic pricing. Designed and implemented APIs with clean & well-documented code. Wrote Tests to improve code-coverage. Set up CI/CD infrastructure, with bash scrips to automate the routine work less

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Developed several tools for mobile, desktop, data warehousing and analytics to and integrated them with the existing enterprise applications resulting in the complete automation of reverse logistics operations using a secure, scalable multi-platform system. The revamped system resulted in a 75% reduction of time while drastically reducing the cost and increasing the accuracy of operations.

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Ivy RE Data

IVY RE data is a lead generation platform that is targeted at the real estate sector. They are based out of Washington operating primarily in the US market. We were able to setup vetted datapipes for their platform from multiple curated sources which enabled them to drastically improve their accuracy rate, leading to higher conversion rates for their customers.

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Being run by a seasoned Fintech expert, Cambi wanted to digitize gift cards and loyalty cards under one app. Used Play framework with the Couchbase server, developed a horizontally scale-able API server with distributed databases. This project was a hit at many hackathons and many conferences.

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It is a hotel stay booking platform that books per night dorm stay for the travelers. The platform is built with a Django backend. It also provided a B2B application that the business owner operates for a travel stay agency.

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The hardware vendor wanted to completely digitize their entire offering to expand their presnce throughout the east European region using online mediums. We were successfully able to create a rebranded sub-platfrom that was targeted at an online demographic

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